Bridgeville Man Charged in Attempted Robbery in Milford

Jan 28, 2013 -- 2:13pm

Two people have been charged after an incident on SE 2nd Street in Milford Saturday night around 11.  18 year old Tyrell Williams of Bridgeville and a 16 year old from Milford are charged with attempted armed robbery possession of a weapon and other offenses after the two were with 3 others and spotted a 26 year old man on foot.  Williams and the 16 year old approached the man and asked for money.  When he didn’t give them any they pulled CO2 pistols and again demanded money – and again got nothing.  Someone tipped police to the incident and they contacted Williams and the teen and the three others.  The 16 year old was charged and released to parents on an unsecured bond.  Williams is being held at SCI in default of bond.  The 3 others were charged with resisting arrest.


    Tyrell Williams          

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