Gov. Markell Signs Gaming Legislation

Jan 31, 2013 -- 5:47am

Gov. Jack Markell on Wednesday signed a bill allowing Delaware fraternal organizations to operate video lottery machines temporarily.  

House Bill 1 was approved by 34 of the state’s 41 representatives on January 23; Senators then passed the bill by a 17-1 vote the next day. The bill allows fraternal organizations to operate up to 20 video lottery machines per site; it also requires the organizations to pay 43.5 percent of the proceeds to the state. The bill would sunset on Sunday, June 30. 

It is important to note that organizations must obtain a license first before they start using the gaming machines. A license application will be available from the Lottery Office in the next few days. Until a license is obtained, it remains illegal to operate gaming machines in private organizations.

Meantime, legislators say the issue will come up for debate again then they reconvene in March.

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