IR School District Disputes Claims Of Not Enough Advance Notice For Referendum

Jan 31, 2013 -- 11:17am

During a constituent meet-and-greet Wednesday, some residents told Representative Ruth Briggs King that they felt there wasn't enough public notice ahead of Tuesday's Indian River School District referendum. The district is disputing those claims.

State law requires school districts to post notices of referendums in all their schools and buildings at least three weeks ahead of the vote, and to run notices in local newspapers at least once a week for four weeks prior to the vote. District spokesman Dave Maull says the district went above and beyond in meeting those requirements. Maull says the notices were posted in all Indian River schools and district buildings in early December. He says the district also created a group page on its website specifically for the referendum notices. Maull says the district also ran notices of the referendum once a week for four to five weeks in area newspapers.

Maull says the district also hosted public meetings, and Superintendent Dr. Susan Bunting even met with local civic groups and Chambers of Commerce to to discuss the details of the referendum with residents.

On Tuesday, voters approved both referendum questions. The first question approved funding to build eight new classrooms in six schools. The second question approved funding for new teachers, materials and utilities, and also full-day kindergarten, for which the district is getting nearly $2 million in state funding. Question 1 was approved by a margin of 2,695-1,239. Question 2 was approved by a 2,588-1,341 margin.

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