DNREC's Phragmites Control Program Treats More Than 6,700 Acres, Including 5,720 Acres in Bayshore Region

Dec 28, 2012 -- 9:31am

In 2012, DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife Phragmites Control Program treated more than 6,700 acres statewide by helicopter with two EPA-approved aquatic herbicides.

The acres treated include 5,720 acres in the Delaware Bayshore Initiative project area between Delaware City and Cape Henlopen.

Phragmites is a non-native, fast-growing, extremely hardy invasive species. Its extensive root system can extend down as deep as 3 feet and spread out more than 30 feet in a single year.

The tall reed with its familiar feathery seedhead has taken over large areas of Delaware wetlands, displacing native plants that provide better food and cover for wildlife.


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