Coons Votes Against Law That Allows Government Surveillance of Communications Without Warrants

Dec 28, 2012 -- 1:30pm

Delaware Senator Chris Coons joined a bipartisan group of nearly two dozen other Senators in voting against the reauthorization of a law that allows the federal government to conduct wiretaps without a warrant.

Coons voted against the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008. The law allows the government to eavesdrop on phones calls and read e-mails and text messages within the U.S. without a warrant. Coons says that while new threats against our national security are constantly emerging around the world, protecting national security and civil liberties shouldn’t be mutually exclusive to each other.

Coons says the government’s power to conduct surveillance without a warrant needs to be closely monitored, and the intelligence community is impeding on Congress’ ability to have an informed debate on civil liberty concerns. He says Americans are being kept in the dark about how the government is using the powers granted to it by the FISA Amendments Act are being used, and reauthorizing the law would keep us as citizens in the dark for another five years.

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