Just-Married Owings Mills Woman Wins Quarter-Million Dollar Mega Millions Prize

Jan 05, 2013 -- 8:22am

A Baltimore-area woman who just got married is the winner of a second-level prize in last week’s Mega Millions drawing.

51-year-old Debra Opper of Owings Mills won the $250,000 prize in the December 28 drawing. She works at the Social Security Administration office in Baltimore, and got married earlier in December. She says she purchased her lottery ticket Christmas Eve and went to midnight mass, but forgot about the ticket after she fell, and had to get eight stitches in her head. She said she found that she had the winning ticket when she went back to the store, and the clerk said a winning ticket had been sold there.

Opper and her husband, Hassan Manafikhalesi, say they play to use some of the money to pay bills, buy cars for her daughters, take a honeymoon cruise, and help Hassan start a taxi business. The retailer that sold the winning ticket will get a $1,000 commission.

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